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Basic Setup Builder works with special maps that instruct the installer about the actual location of the files to install.
Are your files included into the installation package, compressed or not, or are they stored away into a compressed cabinet just on your site? Basic Setup Builder can retrieve your files from local and remote sources, as well as create, extract or manipulate them through special variables elaboration.

Do you want to load a resource from an executable file, compressed into a cabinet file located on your site? Don't worry, it is easy!

Split your installation package in more convenient parts and place them in remote. With just one click you can move your files from the installation package to one or more external cabinets to place on the Web.

Add as many components as you prefer to your installation packages and keep your installer small and flexible with remote, dynamic installations.

Build modular installer with a local part, the loader, and remote parts, the extensions, which include not only the installable data but also the related properties and instructions.
The remote extensions feature of Basic Setup Builder lets you easily create installer that are able to update your software at any time, appending, overwriting, uninstalling and reinstalling single items, components or the whole package.

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