Little Setup Builder is a tool for the creation of simplified install programs. It assembles and packs an install program, an uninstall program, the files to install, and the support files into a single executable file.

Little Setup Builder is a setup-maker. That is, it builds a program that will be able to ship your application on a target computer and that will set up its environment for allowing your program to run properly. Such setup will follow the 'Windows installation guidelines' (a set of rules and suggestions that wants to plan the appearence and the behaviour of a compliant installer). It should be able to guide the user through the whole setup process, allowing him to understand what he is doing about and how to manage some possible errors.

When I started to write LSB I needed a simple and free setup-maker for installing a little application without nag screens, copyright messages, advertising and so on... Because I was searching on myself for a free program, I like to keep LSB freeware; all its further versions, if any, will remain free.

LSB does not offer wizards for making easier the installer design. Instead it offers the chance to test easily your output program, with two test-level, and an 'inspect' window for checking its state while running.

A lot of the LSB's source code consists of my own libraries. Many lines of code have been written in Assembler.

All the programs are written by Massimo Arganese
Roma - Italy, 2003
E-mail to: [email protected]